Thrombophlebitis Lymphe

Thrombophlebitis Lymphe

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Introduction Penile Mondor's disease is better known as Thrombophlebitis of the penis. The superficial venous thromboses of the chestwall was first described by Mondor1 in and later in VariUs von Krampfadern penile vein by Braun-falco2 in In Helm and Hodge3 first described isolated superficial dorsal penile vein thromboses.

Mondor's disease is a benign pathology of the dorsal vein of the penis and has no relationship to malignancies or systemic diseases, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. Case Report Case 1 A 22 years male came with the complaints of red swollen and painful penis after vigorous intercourse since last four days. On examination the superficial dorsal vein of the penis was linear cord like and painful.

Doppler ultrasound examination revealed obstruction of the superficial dorsal vein of the penis. Blood glucose level, blood screening for coagulation Thrombophlebitis Lymphe, ESR, blood urea, serum creatinine and liver function tests were normal.

The patient was treated with tablet Ibuprofen mg three times daily for four weeks. The resolution of the thrombus and restoration of the blood flow occurred normally. Doppler ultrasound showing thrombus in the dorsal vein of Penis Case 2 A 16 years male attended the outpatients department with the complain of penile pain and swelling after masturbation since last 18 hours.

He was also giving the history of fever with shivering. On examination the Thrombophlebitis Lymphe surface of the penis was red swollen and painful. A cord like superficial dorsal vein of the penis was also palpable and was painful, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. Doppler ultrasound showed no venous flow in the dorsal vein of the penis Figure 1, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

The other laboratory tests such as blood sugar, LFTs and renal function tests were normal. He was treated with tablet Ibuprofen mg and capsule Amoxicillin mg three times daily for one week. The fever subsided but Thrombophlebitis Lymphe swelling and tenderness remained as such, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. The thrombus from the dorsal vein of the penis was removed under general anesthesia Figure 2which showed the obstructed dorsal vein of the penis.

The patient was discharged on the same day, the postoperative period was uneventful. A 4 Fr tube tried to pass in the blocked dorsal vein of the Penis, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

Case 3 A 18 years male developed a sudden painless, cord like induration of the dorsal surface of the penis after high ligation of the left sided varicocele. A cord like superficial dorsal Thrombophlebitis Lymphe of the penis was palpable and slightly painful. Doppler ultrasound showed obstruction superficial dorsal vein of the penis. Routine laboratory investigations were normal.

He was Thrombophlebitis Lymphe with tablet Ibuprofen Thrombophlebitis Lymphe three tmes daily. After 4 weeks of initiating treatment complete resolution of Thrombophlebitis Lymphe thrombus occurred and there was free flow of blood on color Doppler ultrasound.

Discussion Penile Mondor's disease is better known as superficial thrombophlebitis of the penis. It is an uncommon benign disease of the Thrombophlebitis Lymphe vein of the penis and in majority of the cases the etiology is unkonw, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

Over the last four decades various authors have proposed some new etiologies,although direct and indirect trauma are known as causative factors. The Thrombophlebitis Lymphe presentation is usually redness and swelling of the dorsum of the penis accompanied by palpable tender thrombotic vein of the penis. Doppler ultrasound is useful both in the diagnosis and follow up of these patients to visualize resolution of the thrombus and restoration of normal blood flow during and after treatment, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Salicylates, Indomethacin and Ibuprofen, used as anti-inflammatory agents have been reported to be effective. In cases of infection antibiotics must be used. The resolution of the thrombus usually occurs uneventfully within four to six weeks. It is also important the patient should avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation during medical treatment to help healing.

In persistent cases either penile vein resection or thrombectomy is recommended6,8, as one of our patients who did not Thrombophlebitis Lymphe to drug therapy, underwent surgery, i. Surgery in this type of cases relieves pain and diminishes skin induration and produces aesthetically good results, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. In the literature and in our own cases there is no report of erectile dysfunction or penile deformity after treatment. We conclude that Mondor's disease of the penis is a benign, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe, self-limited condition, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

Anti-inflammatory agents are used for acute discomfort, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. When indicated vein resection is successful.

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Halkier E, Bodker A. Acta Chir Scand ; Br J Urol ; Katz R, Blachar A, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. Superficial dorsal penile vein thrombosis Mondor's disease. Tanni T, Hamada T, assa Y, et al. Mondor's phlebitis of Thrombophlebitis Lymphe penis: Acta Derm Venerol ; Penile Mondor's in a 22 year old man, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

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J Dermatol Surg Oncol ;8: Am J Med ; Research articles conducted on animals, will not be considered for processing or publication in the JPMA. This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics.

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Thrombophlebitis Lymphe

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Grad der akuten GVHD. Flexions- Kontraktur des benachbarten proximalen Gelenkes Hämatom Ödem. This is the inflammation of one or more of your veins. It is also called phlebitis for short. Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis is when the inflammation is just below the surface of the skin. This type of thrombophlebitis http: The clots Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis gradually break apart as they flow along with the blood.

They could also be a symptom of deep vein thrombophlebitis. This is when the inflammation is in continue reading deep vein, normally in your abdomen or lower area of your legs, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe, and implanted in your muscles. They are harmful and can lead to damage of your vein that is permanent. If it is superficial vein thrombophlebitis and the skin is affected you may notice a hard, tender, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe, red cord just underneath the surface of the skin.

Both of the above symptoms are more common in deep vein thrombophlebitis but can happen in superficial vein thrombophlebitis. Many times a person with deep vein thrombophlebitis you will not Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis at all.

You mostly notice these symptoms when Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis are walking or standing. There is a possibility that in a deep vein thrombophlebitis that the blood clot Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis travel to other parts Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis your body such as your lungs, heart, etc.

It this happens a person may show these Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis. If they have any of these symptoms you should see immediate medical attention because the blood can become dislodged and cause death if it settles in the wrong source. The main cause of thrombophlebitis is the Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis of a blood clot or clots. These clots will usually affect the veins in your legs but they can also affect the veins in your neck and arms. Basically anything that causes your blood not to Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis the right way can cause a clot.

There are several risk factors that can cause a person to form a blood clot. If it is a superficial vein thrombophlebitis it can be cured Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis externally treating the area but with a read article vein thrombophlebitis you need urgent treatment to prevent an embolism from developing. Your physician may prescribe medications like anti-coagulants to help prevent the clots Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis enlarging. They may also prescribe pain medication or over-the-counter pain relief medications.

For treating superficial vein thrombophlebitis elevating and bandaging Thrombophlebitis Lymphe area can sometimes help. The physician will Thrombophlebitis Lymphe clot busters to click the following article deep vein thrombophlebitis to help in dissolving the blood clot. If there is an infection the physician will prescribe antibiotics, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe.

Wearing support hose can help with the discomfort. If the vein is severely affected by thrombophlebitis the physician ein Simulator für Krampfadern have the affected vein or blood clot surgically removed.

You Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis also avoid sitting for long periods of time. On long Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis rides stop several times so you can get out and stretch and walk around. Normally Thrombophlebitis Lymphe case of superficial vein thrombophlebitis will improve within seven Endoprothese Thrombophlebitis fourteen read more and usually does not require hospitalization.

Ecchymosis — Symptoms, Causes, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe, Pictures. Bumps on Back of the Throat. Sore Throat Without Fever. Blood and Heart Diseases.

Bone, Joints and Muscle. Brain and Nervous System, Thrombophlebitis Lymphe. Ear, Nose and Throat. Kidneys and Urinary System. Krampfadern in den Beckenorganen die behandelt Thrombophlebitis Krämpfe in der Nacht mit Krampfadern.

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